My first youtube video

In a year 2007 I was doing a small course project on cellular automaton simulation of physical phenomena. I was intrigued by the simplicity of Lattice-Gas model and its ability to capture the complex stuff that happens in fluid flows:

"We have noticed in nature that the behavior of a fluid depends very little on the nature of the individual particles in that fluid. For example, the flow of sand is very similar to the flow of water or the flow of a pile of ball bearings. We have therefore taken advantage of this fact to invent a type of imaginary particle that is especially simple for us to simulate. This particle is a perfect ball bearing that can move at a single speed in one of six directions. The flow of these particles on a large enough scale is very similar to the flow of natural fluids."

Richard Feynman (source)

It tried to implement an extension of Lattice-Gas called Lattice-Boltzmann Model and recorded a small video of the Von Karman vortex street formation:

Vortex Street in Clouds I wanted to reproduce this vortex pattern in simulation since I saw this beautiful picture on Wikipedia. Later that year I implemented some extensions to the model to make it stable on higher Reynolds number flows and ported it on GPU. Seeing my simulation running more then 10x faster on a rather modest laptop's video card and being able to play with it in real-time turned me into a fan of GPU computing. Here is one more video where I tuned the flow to make it more chaotic. Also I there is a report (in russian) about this work.


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