Particle Lenia

Alexander Mordvintsev | Eyvind Niklasson | Ettore Randazzo

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Instructions To save creatures, press the download icon or drag them to your desktop.
To bring them back to life, drag and drop them into the demo from most places (e.g. Twitter).
To pan around, click and drag, or zoom with with your scroll wheel.
To capture a creature and save it in your Zoo, press space bar, click and drag to select particles, and space-bar again to complete the save.
To herd particles, click and hold in the same spot for one second.
To spawn new particles, double click and hold.
(click to show visual instructions)

touch / click and drag to pan

long touch / click to herd particles

double touch / click and hold to spawn new particles

scroll or pinch to zoom

space-bar and drag to capture creatures